Nourish by Kat Burki

As our home life continues to revolve around working, homeschooling, Zoom meetings, facetime with friends, and the occasional dancing around our living rooms; we have realized that, for our own sense of self love, we must ensure we take care of our skin and continue to follow essential beauty routines.
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While studying Nutrition as an undergraduate, I learnt about the body and how it responds to its environment, toxins, nutrition and stress, which is what later inspired me to progress and understand the importance of skin care.
  • 3 min read
Model, influencer, and CEO, Emma Heming-Willis sat on a beauty secret for years before having the idea to take it mainstream. After shopping for her favorite skincare staple in the baking aisle for two consecutive pregnancies, Emma decided to create a line of safe and effective beauty products for pregnant women starring her go-to grocery-store ingredient: Coconut oil. 
  • 5 min read
When you think of mushrooms, what first comes to mind? Portobellos? Those little, white button mushrooms on pizza? Or the kind that people consume for hallucinogenic effects? There’s actually a whole side of mushrooms that you might not be aware of, and it lies in the world of functional mushrooms. This is where we can use mushrooms to heal ourselves.
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Jason Kaplowitz is a Certified Herbalist. His mission is to teach holistic steps to achieve vitality from the inside-out, to overcome oxidative, hormonal & environmental stress, create more energy, reverse the ageing process, and generally feel better and brighter.
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There's a hot new buzzword in wellness, and it runs the gamut from mushroom coffee to ashwagandha face cream: We're, of course, talking about the elusive world of adaptogens.
  • 3 min read
Juice fasting has become a popular way for people to detoxify their body and lose weight, provided they do it in a healthy way, and for a limited time.
  • 5 min read
Also known as the Keto diet, it is based on 3 main principles: high fat, low carb, and moderate protein intake. The point is not to get too hung up on percentages, and don’t count your calories.
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In a society that associates youth with beauty and beauty with value, women have always been made acutely aware of the negative aspects of showing signs of ageing. Older women these days increasingly face the challenges of ageism and sexism.

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About a month ago, we created an online group interested in following along with my Ultimate Beauty and Body Detox protocol. This seven-day detox plan was based around renewal - renewing your skin, while at the same time switching your body to burning clean fuel. The idea behind it, is that the two together would bring stronger results, both within the body and the skin.
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Dry brushing, or as some aptly call it, body brushing, is a favorite treatment of perpetually glowy-skinned celebrities thanks to its ability to exfoliate dull, dry skin into oblivion. Although this centuries-old beauty ritual is met with equal amounts of skepticism and enthusiasm, chances are you've heard at least a little about it from your wellness-worshipping peers.
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If you are suffering from gut issues, you are unlikely to be absorbing sufficient essential nutrients from your food, which your body needs for good health. If the gut is not healed, then long-term implications for your health can be very serious.
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