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Kat Burki

Kat Burki Skincare was founded by a world-renowned skin nutritionist, who wanted to create a line of skincare that approached skin health holistically. After a successful career in nutrition, disease management, and healthcare law, Kat Burki could not find products that focused on the overall health of the skin. Instead, existing brands only seemed to concentrate on single ingredients and one-off solutions. Burki had a revolutionary idea that would change the game: Skincare as nutrition.

What began as a simple mission has grown into Kat Burki Skincare—a line of quality, efficacious products that employ the most cutting-edge ingredients and put the focus on the health and wellness of the body’s largest organ, the skin. Kat Burki Skincare is based on Burki’s vast knowledge of Applied Nutritional Medicine to promote a healthy, youthful, glowing complexion.

Our mission is to serve as your personal skin nutritionist: Just as we all try to eat more leafy greens and avoid processed foods, our products treat the skin from a nutrition first approach. Only when skin is healthy and nourished can it function at its best.

Kat Burki skincare is divided into four categories: Prevention, Reversal, Renewal, and Skin Canvas. Each includes the products you need to ensure your most successful skin healing journey. It is an approach that has earned a loyal following among celebrities, influencers, and beauty editors all over the world.

Kat Burki is skincare that challenges the status quo. This is skincare that puts a premium on cutting-edge nutritional science. This is skincare at the intersection of health, wellness, and beauty.

This is skincare reimagined.

Real Story. Real Science. Real Results.

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