The Alchemy Method

Jason Kaplowitz is a Certified Herbalist. His mission is to teach holistic steps to achieve vitality from the inside-out, to overcome oxidative, hormonal & environmental stress, create more energy, reverse the ageing process, and generally feel better and brighter.

Jason has been a student of health and wellness his entire life. His father, a renowned chiropractor, was his biggest health influence and taught him the philosophy of natural healing.
Jason began his career in the medical field, as a consultant to general surgeons on wound healing and hernia reconstruction. While observing patients in the operating room, he took careful note of those with underlying conditions and diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Jason realized that, not only do these conditions contribute to a weakened abdominal wall, but they are also the three leading causes of death in the United States.

He formulated his framework, now called Aesthetic Alchemy, for herbs and mineral rebalancing, to prevent most chronic conditions & reverse the ageing process.

What daily supplements would you recommend, that you feel are essential to good health?

It’s important to note that, while I’m a huge supporter of any honest pursuit, the supplement industry is very much that - it’s an industry. So, you have to be very careful as a consumer, and consider the goal of what you are trying to achieve, and the source. As a rule, I try to implement mostly a “whole-food, raw” approach to supplements, but of course there are exceptions to the rule. For example, Vitamin C is fantastic for everyday health! But most products on the market are “ascorbic acid” or “citric acid.” You’ve seen this. That’s not vitamin c. In fact, it’s not even close. It’s made from GMO-Corn and it’s missing key co-factors with it that make mother nature’s vitamin-c such a potent elixir, like manganese, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc... etc... And when you take the wrong kind of “vitamin-c”, it depletes those key minerals which have a ton of negative effects.

Some other supplements, that almost everyone can use, are Vitamin-E (without soy), Vitamin-K (MK4 & MK7) and Magnesium– there are also lots of forms here, and my favorite for the bioavailability, is Magnesium Bicarbonate by Pristine Hydro.

Which supplement brands are reliable and safe?

I have my 3 favorite companies from whom I source a lot of my products. I don’t use every single product, in each product line with my clients, so it’s important to have a mentor or coach who really knows what they are doing, to guide you through which is best for you. The companies I wholeheartedly trust, and have tested everything I recommend, are North American Herb & SpiceMitolife and Energetix, which is a practitioner-only brand that makes incredible nutritionals, herbs, & homeopathic remedies.

How, and when, should we take them?

Some of the key supplements that I mentioned earlier can be taken pretty much all-year round. Of course, please check with your doctor if you are on blood pressure medication or blood thinners, as some of these powerful vitamins, like E & K, can interact with medication. However, they do promote circulation, proper balance of blood thinning and clotting, energy production, balancing of calcification so can be very beneficial. Also, fat soluble vitamins require an excellent eating lifestyle, that supports metabolizing these vitamins efficiently. It’s typically best to take all of your supplements with food. I take most of mine in the morning, with my breakfast, and some in the evening with dinner.

Do we need certain supplements at different ages in our lives?

It’s always important to consider the individual. “Age is merely a number.” Right? As for the individual, did the child have a poor reaction to medication? Did the adult spend most of their life in the city drinking tap water? It’s difficult to generalize by age, but one thing is certain, after we take our first breath, we begin dancing with the ageless notion of time. And as we age, there is more oxidative stress, hormonal stress, environmental stress and just GENERAL stress. So, we have to be kind to ourselves and heal the things that cause those stressors.

Oxidative stress for example can pretty much be summed up by the chemical reaction of Iron + Oxygen = rust. That’s why it could be explained that so many of our more mature men and women feel more of the effects of arthritis, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis. In fact, I’m pretty adamantly opposed to supplementing iron at any time. Primarily, what we are addressing eases the burden of all that stress. Magnesium is a biggie, it’s responsible for over 5,000 functions in the body. I would start there… Unless of course you’re hypothyroid. In that case you should start with adrenal cocktails made of orange juice, potassium and salt. The conditions of these things change the variables all the time. Vitamin B3, in the form of niacinamide, is a synthetic which is very effective, so that’s one exception to the whole-food, raw rule.

During this stressful time of Covid19, what supplements do you recommend for immunity and fighting off colds and flu? Which do you really want us to stay away from, despite the popular craze, and why?

The research surrounding North American Herb & Spice’s Oregano-P73 is absolutely unbelievable. They used it originally with other forms of coronaviruses, and it knocked it out. They also carried out a petri-dish test which performed favorably. Also, it’s amazing for allergies, digestion and overall immunity. Again, this is a RAW crude form of oregano and non-synthetic.

The media is really hot right now on advocating for Vitamin D to prevent Covid. It’s a lot more complicated to support your immunity than supplementing things that you are deficient in, since vitamins and minerals work in pairs and an advanced network of teams. Most Vitamin D supplements are in an inactive form called cholecalciferol, which is the main ingredient killing rodents. What it does is pumps calcium from their little bones into the bloodstream, stopping their heart, creating an immediate arthritis. Now, this doesn't happen immediately for humans, but overtime the effects of pulling calcium from the bone does remain true. I feel that the only substantial way to get Vitamin D is in whole-food form from cheese, fish, meat, liver & eggs or the sun. Don't worry, your liver stores enough vitamin d for winter, and magnesium activates the storers.


Remember, nature works so beautifully in pairs. It’s the idea of yin / yang. Often, the “mainstream” points to the yang when it should be the yin. Magnesium’s yang for example, is calcium. They regulate each other and work as a pair. Of course, it gets more complicated than that. The thing that activates Vitamin D, that is stored in our liver from the sun, and our nutrient dense dairy products, is Magnesium. It’s a web of a perfectly designed system. We just have to be smart enough to uncover it, and always have a reverence for it.

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