The Ultimate Beauty & Body Detox

lemon water


About a month ago, we created an online group interested in following along with my Ultimate Beauty and Body Detox protocol. This seven-day detox plan was based around renewal - renewing your skin, while at the same time switching your body to burning clean fuel. The idea behind it, is that the two together would bring stronger results, both within the body and the skin. I will also add mind here. Every morning I sent motivational emails that also suggested mindful exercises.

This was something that has been in my mind for a long time. I loved the feeling the group had - the camaraderie, and the unique bond of accomplishing this together, and the positive energy that came from it – not to mention the results! I would say, for at least thirty years I have been experimenting, studying and reading on diet plans for healthy living. Although I personally do not think being vegan necessarily means being healthier, the diet of this particular detox was plant-based. 

The plan was based upon a selection of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. I wanted to keep the selection narrow enough to keep the focus easy, but wide enough to make sure boredom of the food types didn’t set in. I also encouraged a morning glass of lemon water to cleanse, as well as the Long-Life Elixir of water, psyllium husk and unsweetened cranberry juice. I was interested in encouraging participants to try things that they might not necessarily choose, or think they like; but most importantly, I based the food grouping on a) high antioxidants b) high Vitamin B content. Those two alone would help encourage detoxing and cellular regrowth. 

At the beginning, the food was the main focal point for everyone. This makes sense, as you have to shop and cook. The bright colors of the plan allowed for beautiful photos that the group continued to post throughout the seven days. This Instagram participation was incredible, and really created a feeling of a common bond. I developed some new recipes during the 7 days – I did the detox right along with everyone – a lentil soup topped with avocado, and a snack of papaya and pecans. I think what was surprising to everyone, was how these simple and nutritious recipes were just as gratifying (maybe even more so) than the everyday unhealthy options that we are so used to. 

Along with the 7-day detox diet, everyone followed a 7-day skin detox plan. This plan started with getting the skin at baseline. Baseline included not using any other products besides those I listed, to reduce inflammation and feed the skin with healthy ingredients (just like we were doing with our body). I added a retinol and vitamin C protocol, to help the skin renewal along. Midway through, I calmed the skin, to prepare it for a peel. After the peel we then went back to baseline. The results were phenomenal and the combination of diet and skincare regime, made it even more so.

Lastly, let’s not forget the mind. It was important to keep the mind and purpose on yourself for those seven days. You planned and prepared for it, not letting outside variables or self-sabotage get in the way. It’s an important message. It needs to be delivered within a higher self-umbrella. It’s not selfishness, but a greater understanding of what is going on and redirection.

Every morning I would send out these messages to the group and also encourage sharing. It really was a special 7 days, and the comments keep coming back to me regarding the positivity of the experience and the results! I plan to do it again, and when we do, it will have its own forum to share and comment throughout the day. 

“I have never slept better than I did in those seven days”.

“Your unconditional support and kinds words of strength and determination made this all possible for me. I have gained so much more than I could’ve imagined possible”.

“The week has flown by, and I so appreciate how easy you made it for us to succeed! So far, I have not cheated (thought about it!) and that feels like a big accomplishment in putting self-care ahead of temptation. “

“Loved the simplicity of the detox. Ingredients were simple and easy to prepare and fun to photograph! Have fallen in love with the citrus dressing”

“I have lost a pound every day so far. I will definitely be more mindful about what I am eating going forward, and ease back into meat, alcohol and much less sugar. Not skipping the birthday cake though!”

What is your body telling you? What is your skin telling you? What is your mind telling you? Listen… Because they are always telling you something. Remember you are your most important asset, so make sure to care for yourself with that in mind. Take the time, you not only deserve it, but you have the capability of achieving things you didn’t know you could.