Winterize Your Skin With These Dermatologist-Approved Winter Skincare Tips

Can you smell the joy in the air? With winter and the holiday season fast approaching, we can here at Kat Burki, and to say it’s our favorite time of year is an understatement. While the crisp winter air brings a jolly feeling all around, it can also gift dry skin-related issues, too. Cold, dry aircan irritate your skin, causing redness,inflammation, andmore, but we’re here to help. 

winter skincare tips

To keep the upcoming cold weather changes from surprising your skin, we’ve compiled some dermatologist-approved winter skincare tips to winterize your skin. Here are the deets:

But First – Why Does Your Skin Change During the Winter?

During the winter, you probably find yourself reaching for an extra layer, while also cranking up the thermostat for protection from the chilly outside air. But have you ever asked yourself if this drastic change in temperature –among other things – is causing your wintery skin blues? 

Here are the most common reasons you may experience dry, irritated, or chapped skin in winter:

  • Cold Temperatures, Harsh Winds, and Decreased Filaggrin: One of the most important proteins in your skin isfilaggrin as it helps maintain your skin’s barrier function and natural moisturizing factors. Winter, along with age andhormonal changes,can cause it to deplete, especially when you add indoor heating and low humidity to the mix.
  • Holiday Stress and Foods: While the holidays are one of the most joyous times, they also come with a lot of stress, whichcan affect your skin and other organs. Plus, sugary foods and drinks are some of the cornerstones of the holidays,but they’re able to cause an imbalance in your gut microbiome, leading to less energy and more skin issues. 
  • Overusing Hot Water: There’s nothing like a piping hot bubble bath after a long, chilly dayor slipping into your gym’s cozy sauna. However, even though these things feel amazing, theycan cause your skin to become super dehydrated. Don’t pressure yourself to skip the occasional sauna, bath, or jacuzzi sesh, though, just be cautious of overuse.
  • winter skincare tips

    Five Dermatologist-Approved Winter Skincare Tips

    Ever heard the phrase “winterize your skin” while reading a beauty magazine or scrolling through TikTok? It’s an expression used to describe taking steps to care for and protect your skin during winter to avoid the skin issues mentioned above (dryness, inflammation, and more).

    To winterize your skin with some dermatologist-approved winter skincare tips, keep reading:

    • Get to Cleansing:Dr. Shari Lipner says, “You should definitely wash your faceat least once a day. But if your skin feels tight or dry after cleansing in the winter, you don’t need to wash it any more than that. Instead, use a splash of water in the morning and fully cleanse in the evening.” OurVitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm is adream for clean, bright skin and it’s super gentle to calm inflammation, AKA the wintery skincare scrooge. 
    • Moisturizer Is Always the Answer: "If you're not regular about moisturizing in the winter, your skin is going to feel it,” mentions Dr. Lipner. Another dermatologist,Dr. Shasa Hu, recommends opting for thicker formulations, especially vitamin C-containing creams like our best-sellingVitamin C Intensive Face Cream. It’ll soothe your skin with a cozy blend of antioxidants and micronutrients to promote healthy, glowing skin.
    • Don’t Skip the Sunscreen:Remember:SPF is your BFF no matter the season, so make sure to slather up with your favoritesunscreen before venturing out into the wintery sun (it’s still damaging!). Dr. Lipner mentions that “wearing at least an SPF 30 every day is vital because while we get fewer UV rays – we do still get them.”
    • Protect Your Lips: “The skin on your lips is among the most sensitive areas,” explainsJoshua Zeichner, MD. “They’re constantly exposed to environmental factors, like cold weather, which can dry out the skin barrier, leading to irritation, inflammation, and flaking.” To kick chapped lips to the curb this winter, try ourLips Like Sugar Holiday Set that’ll blanket your lips with hydration thanks to nutrient-filled cold-pressed oils.
    • Grab a Humidifier:Heaters can make winter air even drier, so Dr. Hu suggestsgrabbing a humidifier for your bedroom and desk to keep your skin a little happier. "A humidifier can make a big difference in your skin if the air is very dry," Dr. Lipner agrees. 

    Clickhere to learn more about the impacts cold weather can have on your skin, along with additional derm-approved tips.

    winter skincare tips

    Welcome the Holiday Season With These Kat Burki Winter Must-Haves

    KB is passionate about keeping your skin microbiome healthy through replenishing formulas your skin (and you) will love all year long. If you’re not sure what your skin microbiome is, here’s what you need to know: It’s a community of microorganisms (think bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that live on the surface of your skin; it plays a huge role in your skin’s health and protects from pesky pathogens. Like fingerprints, everyone’s skin microbiome is unique and can be influenced by things like genetics, skincare products,and the winter weather.

    To combat the effects of the winter weather’s changes on your skin, welcome in the holiday season with these Kat Burki winter must-haves (or gift them to a loved one):

    OurVitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm is an antioxidant-rich face cleanser that’s a holiday season must-have because it’s perfect for all skin typesand can calm, brighten, and protect your skin. It’s infused with our proprietary KB5™ Complex, which is a blend of skin-calming ingredients to immediately address inflammation, along with 8% encapsulated Vitamin C. 

    The best-selling, award-winningVitamin C Intensive Face Cream is made to transform your skin’s radiance, leaving you with a healthy glow for all your upcoming holiday parties. It quickly absorbs into your skin to leave it feeling fortified and nourished due to its blend of antioxidants, macronutrients, and Colloidal silver. Perfect for all skin types, this is a year-long skincaregem.

    We likely speak for everyone when we say chapped lips are never fun, especially during the winter. To give your lips some nourishment, check out our Lips Like Sugar Holiday Set which includes theRaw Sugar Lip Scrub and theRose Hip Hyaluron Lip Treatment. This dynamic duo delivers naturally plump, hydrated lips that are soft, protected,and the focus of your face.

    Now that we’ve explored the effects of seasonal changes, given you some dermatologist-approved winter skincare tips, and explained how to winterize your skin, you can shop our holiday must-haves and more here.