Discover Whole Self Skincare Through Transformative Foods Good for Your Skin and Body

At Kat Burki, we build on the saying “you are what you eat” by creating our products with Whole Self Skincare in mind. After all, we know certain foods can enrich and fortify not only your body and gut, but your skin, too. And since the skin is your largest organ and a valiant protector, our exclusive Whole Self Skincare approach can replenish it from the inside out. 

You can look at Whole Self Skincare like this: Your skin – like any other organ in your body – needs specific nutrients to function properly. Similar to how a piece of fruit offers you a range of nutrients that serves your body, all Kat Burki products can do the same because they’re developed to mimic the nutritional profiles of good-for-you fruits and/or veggies.

Want to dive deeper into Whole Self Skincare by adding foods good for your skinand body to your diet? Here’s the scoop:


Avocados likely already has prime real estate at your dinner table in the form ofguac, on toast, or as an oil.  Andluckily – it’s at the top of our “foods good for your skin and body” list as it’s a nutrient-dense food that’s a component of Whole Self Skincare. 

High in fiber and low in sugar, avocados arepacked with potassium, magnesium, vitamins A,C, and K, niacin, and more.And, they have a strong antioxidant activity and a high concentration ofmonounsaturated fats that can renew the skin and lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

As a food good for your skin and body with an ultra-high nutritional profile, avocados can also:

  • Offer Potassium and Fiber: One avocado can provide you with 20% of your daily value (DV) of potassium and half of your DV of fiber. You need potassium for blood sugar regulation and nervous system function, while fiber is essential for your digestive system and promotes gut health.
  • Maintain Hydration and MinimizeInflammation: Avocado oil, specifically, is known to soften and trap humectants (substances that attract water) and emollients (substances that soothe, soften, and increase moisture levels) onto your skin.Experts also say it can soothe inflammation and is great for eczema, psoriasis, and even acne.


Carrots – with their sweet flavor and satisfying crunch – are an excellent addition tosoup andstir fry. Filled to the brim with vitamin A, minerals, and antioxidants, carrots are a Whole Self Skincare powerhouse that we can’t stop raving about: They’re known to boost your immune system and protect your body and skin from things like germs and UV rays. 

As a food good for your skin and body with an ultra-high nutritional profile, carrots can also:

  • Abundantly Provide Vitamin A: Half a cup of raw carrot can provide you with 51% of your vitamin A DV. But did you know that your liver converts vitamin A (two types: retinoids and carotenoids) to retinol? While this is great for a healthy diet, it can also boostcollagen, protect against sun damage, and more. 
  • Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease and Boost Immunity: Thephenolic compounds in carrots can reduce your risk of heart disease due to their antioxidant properties that help maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Since carrots consist of vitamins A and C, they are also beneficial to your immune system by keeping germs at bay.

Leafy Green Veggies 

At Kat Burki, we love leafy green veggies as an aspect of Whole Self Skincare as they fuel your skin and body with vitamins and nutrients to keep everything at its full potential. Plus, it’s always fun to enrich your salads,dressings, and/orwraps with leafy green veggies likekale, spinach, arugula,gotu kola, and evenseaweed, which is known as the “leafy green of the sea.”

Leafy green veggies are also good for your skin and health because they providephytonutrients, which are natural compounds found in foods derived from plants. Phytonutrients have antioxidant properties that can prevent damage to your cells. Plus, they’ve been shown to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke, while promoting healthy aging. 

As a food good for your skin and body with an ultra-high nutritional profile, leafy green veggies can also:

  • Boost Collagen Production: Leafy green veggies like spinach, kale, and arugula are loaded with vitamin C, which is needed for the production of type I collagen (AKA the most abundant form of collagen in the body). Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant to protect against free radical damage. 
  • Relieve Stress and Support Brain Function: Dark leafy greens like spinach are great sources of folate and can produce mood-regulating hormones. Basically, folate is known to stimulate the production ofneurotransmitters (chemicals that transfer messages from the brain to the rest of the body) for boosted brain function and health. 


Mushroom lovers, rejoice. As an edible fungus that’s not only delicious but insanely nutrient-dense, mushrooms have been recognized for their unique and beneficial properties throughout time and culture; this is because they’re a phenomenal protein supplement for vegetariansand have a ton of holistic skin and health benefits. 

Certain types of mushrooms like reishi, snow, and shiitake are especially known as foods good for your skin and body. A single serving of mushrooms provides you with around 20% of your DV for vitamin D, B6, and copper. Mushrooms are also great sources of fiber, along with zinc, selenium, manganese, and a multitude of other nourishing vitamins and minerals. 

As a food good for your skin and body with an ultra-high nutritional profile, here’s what certain types of mushrooms can offer you:

  • Reishi mushrooms are concentrated withL-ergothioneine, which is anultra-potent antioxidant. Plus, they contain beta-glucans and complex sugars that many studies say can stop the spread and growth of cancer cells. In skincare, reishi is known to be an excellent hydrator and may prevent dullness. 
  • Snow mushrooms have a rich history with many believing they’ll provide you with a long, healthy life. After all, theyare known to help with inflammation and lung function. As a skincare ingredient, snow mushrooms have over 18 kinds ofamino acids that can boost cell growth, along with vitamin D for healing acne lesions. 
  • Shiitake mushrooms have been used throughout history by herbalists tohelp patients balance their cholesterol levels and slow the progression of cancer. One study found that shiitake mushrooms can also improve your immune system, decrease irritation, and calm inflammation as they’re rich in antioxidants.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods (think kimchi, kombucha, kefir, and pickles) have become a hot topic because of their low calorie content and ability to promote gutand skin health. This is due to them being loaded withprobiotics that can fight off harmful bacteria and yeast, keeping your skin clear and your gut healthy. They’re also packed with high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. 

During thefermentation process, these foods are broken down into smaller particles, allowing your body and skin to absorb them and receive their abundant nutrients with ease. Fermentedsnacksare also known as foods good for your skin and body because they feature lactic acid, which is a hydrating natural exfoliant that leaves bright, rejuvenated skin in its wake.

As a food good for your skin and body with an ultra-high nutritional profile, fermented foods can also:

  • Support Your Gut Microbiome: Fermented foods are amazing for your gut microbiome. For example, kefir – a fermented milk product – has been shown to increase good-for-you bacteria in the gut, which could help you maintain a healthy digestive tract. Eating fermented foods like chocolate is even said to support beneficial gut bacteria. 
  • Hydrate and Improve Skin Conditions: Fermented foods like kefir and soybeans can hydrate and balance the bacteria on your skin, while providing antioxidants for protection against external and internal damage. Studies have also shown that some fermented foods like soybeans feature the compoundisoflavone that can improve skin conditions.

Now that we’ve explained the power of Whole Self Skincare through transformative foods good for your skin and body, how will you be incorporating the Kat Burki approach into your daily life and diet?