Nourish by Kat Burki

There are skincare ingredients good for your skinand baby. To find skincare products safe for pregnancy, here’s a KB-approved guide.
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Today in Kat’s Kitchen, we’re whipping up a crowd-pleasing guacamole featuring avocado and some basic ingredients you most likely have on hand (or in your garden). Grab some corn tortilla chips or get ready to top off your favorite taco, and let’s get into it. 
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At Kat Burki, we create our products with Whole Self Skincare in mind. After all, we know there are certain foods good for your skinand body. With our exclusive approach, your skin will look and feel healthier.
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We’re keeping the summertime recipes flowing in Kat’s Kitchen today, with another light, bright, picnic-ready dish that has equal parts health benefits and tasty flavors. A mayo-free, Mediterranean-inspired version of a classic potato salad, fresh herbs and feta cheese take it to the next level.
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Gotu Kola has been a skincare showstopper throughout history. But what does Gotu Kola do for your skin? Can you use Gotu Kola for skin tightening? Gotu Kola’s skin benefits range from hydration to wound healing, but it can also help combat fine lines and wrinkles. 
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With a rich history and even richer nutritional profile, seaweed is a star ingredient in the skincare field. But how is seaweed good for your skin? The benefits of seaweed in skincare range from hydration to detoxification, but it can also help combat fine lines and wrinkles.
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We’re getting warm-weather ready in Kat’s Kitchen today with a refreshing, veggie-packed gazpacho. Cool, light and packed with nutrients, it’s a great meal for summertime, and an easy way to sneak a bunch of veggies into a new recipe for your kids.
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While self-care is a buzzy word as of late, it’s for good reason; self-care has numerous benefits that not only refresh your state of mind but also positively impact your health and skin. In fact, if you practice any skin regimes then you’re in luck: Skincare is self-careTo help you understand why self-care is so important, we’ve compiled a guide to self-care that includes a self-care checklist and a few ways you can harness its powerful benefits through a daily skincare routine:

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Before we dive into it, some may be wondering: what exactly is hyperpigmentation? It’s one of those terms we often hear in our dermatology office but not so much when chatting about our favorite moisturizers and serums over brunch. But in reality it’s pretty straightforward: it’s the darkening of a spot or section of skin due to a concentration of melanin, aka our natural pigment. 
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In our latest trip to Kat’s Kitchen, we’re diving into a recipe that makes use of a skincare ingredient at the center of one of our signature lines: seaweed. Featured in our Form Control products, this tasty wrap will let you double up on all the whole nutrition benefits.
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For this installment of Kat’s Kitchen, we’re looking to a year-round recipe featuring antioxidant-packed kale and sweet potatoes. And if the last salad dressing wasn’t your thing- I'm giving you a garlicky, creamy alternative that’s deliciously dairy-free.
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Inflammation appears on the skin in a lot of ways, with even more sources and reasons. Here we break down the most common signs and types of inflammation, with their causes, how to treat it from the inside out, and some recommended KB products.
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