Your Best Holiday Skin Prep: Introducing The Skin Canvas Collection

There’s a certain sense of irony that comes with the fact that the busiest, often most stressful, time of the year is also the biggest event and party season. You and your skin may feel tired, but all you want to do is glow. Thankfully there’s a few steps you can take to treat your skin right in the dry, cold air after a long night out (and before the next one). 

That’s why we’ve introduced ourSkin CanvasCollection, a curated selection of Kat Burki products meant to prep and nourish the skin before any of life’s big moments. Just in time for the holiday season, here’s three tips for skin prep and the product we recommend to get the job done. 

a woman holding Lip Treatment

1: Hydrate Everything

A lot of us have our go-to face moisturizers at this point (hello Intensive Vitamin-C Cream). But it can be easy to forget other parts of our face. Tis the season for a lot of bold lipsticks and glosses, which can dry out and chap your lips quickly. Don’t forget to treat your lips with the same level of care and consideration to avoid noticeable flakes and painful splits.

We recommend:The Rose Hip Hyaluronic Lip Treatment

silk protein primer

2: Work Double Duty

Time is already sparse during the holiday season, so you want skin prep products that do more than one basic task. Look for products that serve multiple purposes, with ingredients meant to treat the skin throughout the night. Anytime you can combine skin prep with effective treatment, it’ll make the day after just as good-looking as the night-of.

We recommend:The Silk Protein Primer

Nourishing Oil Makeup Remover

3: Keep It Clean

After a long night of socializing and dancing, it can be tempting to skip the skincare and get to bed ASAP. Make it easier to resist the urge with a makeup remover that melts all impurities away quickly, without the need for irritation (and time-consuming) rubbing and scrubbing. Opt for a formula that leaves skin moisturized and ready to recover overnight. 

We recommend:The Nourishing Oil Makeup Remover

With these three steps, you’re ready for a long night out on the town, without it showing on your skin the next day. This is just the start of our Skin Canvas Collection, so watch this space for the next innovations coming your way straight from the KB team.