Soaking It In: Why Absorption Matters

Here at Kat Burki we have a saying: if it doesn’t absorb, it doesn’t matter. Basically what that means is that you won’t reap the benefits of a skincare product if it doesn’t actually absorb into your skin. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well unfortunately it isn’t always a given with many skincare brands, even ones who tout “cleaner” ingredients. We’re here to tell you why absorption really matters, and how you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your products. Consider it a crash course in skincare ROI. 

what absorption looks like

What does absorption really mean for skincare?

There’s two types of skincare products in this world. One sits on top of the skin’s outermost layer, like a film, the other sinks deep into the skin. The latter describes absorption, and it should be the goal for any skincare product. If a product simply sits on top of the skin, then all of the active ingredients andplant-based benefits essentially go to waste, as they are not being utilized and will be washed away completely with cleansing. By promoting skincare absorption, you ensure not only that ingredients will keep maximum potency, but that their effects will linger even after cleansing.

What keeps products from absorbing into the skin?

Usually the culprit of this phenomenon is a number of filler ingredients that creates a shield over the skin. Ingredients like silicone, petroleum jelly, and hydrogenated oils are all alarmingly common in many skincare and makeup products on the market. They create a thick, physical barrier that prevents good ingredients from penetrating the actual skin barrier. Many of these ingredients are used for this reason on purpose in certain scenarios, such as petroleum jelly for chapped lips, as this is the desired effect. But that’s not the case for skincare.

Are there other factors?

Yes! While there are ingredients like the ones listed above that are critical to avoid, there are other factors that create that physical barrier that can derive from much more innocuous sources. Sweat, dirt, pollutants, and even truly clean skincare and makeup all need to be removed from the skin at some point, that’s the whole basis of cleansing. 

Nourishing Oil Makeup Remover

But if you’re using an ineffective cleanser, your skin may be left with residues that also act as a physical barrier, meaning the next round of skincare products will not be absorbed properly. It’s part of why we developed theKB5 Calming Gel Cleanser, with a creamy formula meant to fully melt away these impurities for a clean, blank canvas. Plus, our proprietary KB5 complex is another answer to the absorption issue. When your skin is inflamed or irritated, it doesn’t absorb as well. This soothing superblend calms skin to ensure your face is ready to receive all of our potent ingredients. 

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The bottom line.

As you can see, absorption is a pretty big deal, and it's integral to the approach we take to skincare here at Kat Burki. Maximum absorption = Maximum potency = Maximum results. Now that’s some basic math we can get behind. Read more about our three pillars of our skincare nutrition philosophyhere.