Kat’s Kitchen: Biome Balancing Apple Curry

Welcome back to Kat’s Kitchen. We’re still in those bitter months of winter, so we’re bringing you a recipe that’s warming and full of flavor. Basically it’s a hug in a bowl, with lots of skin-boosting benefits. So grab a spoon and let’s dive in.

Ingredient Highlights:

Apples: High in flavonoids, a phytochemical compound, they are anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic, and contain anti-inflammatory properties. Some research has also found that they protect the skin from air pollution, strengthening your complexion’s natural defenses. They are also high in polyphenols, which keep your skin supple and moist (super necessary in the winter).

Zucchini: This carotenoid-rich veggie  shields our skin from UV rays and pollution too, which prevents sun damage and helps to keep skin hydrated and elastic. Zucchinis also have a high water content to them, giving your skin an extra dose of hydration from the inside out.

Butternut Squash: One serving of butternut squash also provides over 50 percent of the required vitamin C intake for a day. Vitamin C helps build and maintain collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair. (That’s why it’s the star of  some of our best selling and signature products).

Turmeric: The top benefit of this bright yellow spice is its anti-inflammatory properties. From easing skin flare-ups to protecting the body against chronic inflammation, a little bit of both freshly grated and dried powder turmeric can see a difference. For an added bonus, it’s packed with antioxidants.

Measurements & Prep Instructions:

-2 onions, diced 

-4 cloves garlic, minced

-6 cups apples, cubed

-1 1/2 cups potatoes, cubed

-1 1/2 cups zucchini, cubed

-1 1/2 cups butternut squash, peeled and cubed

-2 cups coconut milk 

-1 tsp salt 

-1/2 tsp pepper 

-3 tsp curry powder

- 2 tsp turmeric

-1 tsp cumin

-1 tbsp olive oil 

-3 tbsp coconut oil 


-In a large skillet, add olive and coconut oil and bring to medium high heat

-Add onions and sauté until soft and translucent, then the  garlic and spices, quickly tossing until evenly mixed 

-Add cubed apples and all vegetables, combine until well coated in the spices

-Stir and cook for another 2 minutes

-Add coconut milk, stir again and bring to a gentle boil 

-Reduce heat to low and simmer until potatoes are tender 

-Remove from heat and serve with rice or naan, and garnished chutney, chopped nuts, currents, or crispy roasted chickpeas

Notes from Kat:

When we talk about the skin biome, we’re talking about a similar concept to the one in your gut. It lives on top of the skin’s surface and is made up of different microorganisms, including good bacteria. It also helps protect the skin barrier, and keeping it well balanced is key to keeping it functioning properly. 

The signs that it's unbalanced? Irritation, inflammation and flare ups like acne and rosacea. So if your skin is looking upset, cook up a bowl of this curry.

Like any stew, soup, or curry, this dish can be customized with any additional vegetables you may have lying around the house. Whether you have some carrots about to go bad, or need to make room in the freezer, simply toss in your favorite veggies and greens for an even heartier meal.

Add a little bit of heat with a pepper-based curry paste or a dash of cayenne pepper. The original recipe is generously seasoned but not spicy, so feel free to kick it up a notch based on your tolerance level. Personally, I welcome a little heat in these colder months! So stay warm and…


I’ll see you next time in the kitchen!

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