Kat’s POV: Skincare Travel Packing Guide

Traveling for work, or pleasure, always entails a whole planning process of what to bring along. And when you’re weighing the benefits of carry-on versus checked bags, it gets even more complicated (especially with liquids like skincare).

A lot of people want to avoid checking bags, understandably, but when the trip is longer, I actually prefer it. There’s a certain luxury in not having to think about finding room in overhead compartments, and doing the power lift to get them up there. Plus - no three ounce limit. 

I do, however, always bring a large tote as my personal item, for all of my must-haves that don’t often leave my side. From practical items like my laptop, a book, and a travel blanket/pillow, to little luxuries that make the flight more comfortable, like a lemon water, comfortable flats or slippers, and an eye mask, I have packing down to a science at this point. So I’m sharing my on-flight picks with you.

a woman with an eye mask

Kat’s Flight Tote Packing List:

When it comes to suitcase packing, I separate anything that can explode or leak.  This includes shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and any skincare in a tube.  These get packed in a nylon bag and wrapped closed. Then this bag goes into another, just to be safe. I pack everything I can intravel sizes. It’s less bulky, and you don’t have to switch up your planning whether you pick carry-on or checked bags.

travel bag with cosmetics

Within another nylon bag, I pack all of the other essentials. This includes my essences, creams, exfoliators, and additional makeup products. Rollerball fragrances and  supplements usually go here too. Once at my destination, I unpack all and organize to unwrinkle and check out any damage. You always feel more at-home when you fully unpack and stick to some normalcy, and my skincare regimen is my grounding moment.

I hope these tips and suggestions help make packing for your next flight at least a little bit easier. Whether you’re traveling for work or play, there’s no need to compromise on your skincare. Until next time, this has been Kat’s POV.