When Jodie Patterson first began her journey into motherhood, she had already forged a strong identity. Raised in a proud, black family on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, she respected her parents and grandparents for their unapologetic stances on who they were, and what they deserved. Her grandmother was dubbed “Ms. Revolution” by Dr. King, for her work in the Civil Rights era. Her uncle, Gil Scott Heron, wrote “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

As a holistic mother, navigating the perimenopause in this Covid climate was extremely stressful. I found myself turning to nature for its healing aspects. Pond swimming has been an ecstatic awakening, and, being a Reflexologist, I was naturally drawn to the healing aspects of grounding, which is the practice of walking barefoot on the earth, whether it be sand, dirt or grass.

We had a phase back in the early 80’s where eggs were bad, fats were bad, and we man-made reengineered fats we ate, into trans fatty acids. Consuming anything man-made, where we reengineer nature, is never a good thing. These fats, which were produced through hydrogenation (margarine, vegetable oils, low-fat dressings etc.), by trans-arrangement of carbon atoms – they are actually linked to free radicals, cancers, and atherosclerosis. The sad part is, people were consuming these foods, trying to be healthier.