A Note From Kat

This September marks the first anniversary of Nourish Magazine. Although the concept was a long time in the making, the global crisis of Covid-19 created a more meaningful reason for its existence, with the ability to focus and the time to make it happen.

Let’s revisit the introduction I wrote when it started life as a newsletter:

“We are forced into a state of ‘living in the present’ – without the ability to plan, we are grounded in the now. This isolation has reminded us how much we need one another, and how connected we really are. I am very grateful to be bringing Nourish to you all. Nourish celebrates our connectedness and the sharing of information, awareness and values. Above all, as a community we learn self-care and self-love and encourage one another to be inspired and to become the very best version of ourselves.

Over this past year, Nourish has developed and nurtured a host of incredibly knowledgeable and talented writers. We have strived to be a wealth of information on topics such as wellness, self-care, and beauty (inside and out). For our September edition, we visit the often confusing and difficult to navigate topic of UV protection. We cover our favorite Met Gala Beauty, and investigate the rapidly evolving use of vegan materials in the fashion world. Skin care and health take center stage, with a great detox routine for the skin to boost immunity. We discuss the incredible connection between Vitamin B and its renowned healing effects, ending with an important story about self-compassion.

The Nourish community is strong and growing rapidly, with new readers, writers, radio shows and IG lives. Its purpose is to unite, encourage and to educate, with an end goal of holistic wellness.  

Happy Birthday Nourish!!!

A kinder, gentler, more compassionate design approach to Mother Earth and her inhabitants, both human and animal, is in right now.

Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and your diet, all contribute to skin wellness.