About a month ago, we created an online group interested in following along with my Ultimate Beauty and Body Detox protocol. This seven-day detox plan was based around renewal - renewing your skin, while at the same time switching your body to burning clean fuel. The idea behind it, is that the two together would bring stronger results, both within the body and the skin. I will also add mind here. Every morning I sent motivational emails that also suggested mindful exercises.

In this time of world crisis, we are all searching for solace. We reached out to our friend Lulu Chen, to share with Nourish, her journey and experiences with the ancient healing practices of Reiki and ThetaHealing.

After having a supernatural experience six years ago, I went on a journey exploring many different modalities and methods, searching vast and wide for answers; which led me to ultimately learn that the answer is inside of you.

Claudia Mason is a model, actress, speaker and author who spends a lot of time advocating for wellness and positivity as well as stroke prevention.

Nourish Beauty Director Angie Parker chats with Claudia Mason on health recovery, positivity, beauty from the inside out and her favorite Kat Burki Skincare products.