By: Andrea Navarro

Our skin, and how we look after it, seems to be the topic of every conversation we are having with friends currently. We are all investing time and energy checking it, caring for it, and nurturing it with the best products we can find. Some of us are also going a step further and experimenting with the world of ‘at home devices’, and the more invasive treatments available on the market. We, at Nourish, feel the time is right - as things begin to open up, and we are able to go back to our usual routines - to delve deeper into finding the best facial treatments for your skin. We spoke with two experts: ITEC International Licensed Medical Esthetician, Victoria Kroshyna, and Master Aesthetic Artist/Healer, Michelle Calabrese.

Photo Credit: Ben Watts

What exactly kindles the fire inside extroverts that makes their eyes light up? Introverts may judge, deeming their counterparts shallow or superficial because of their penchant for wanting all the attention. However, it’s not the ‘see-and-be-seen’ cocktail party energy that gets an extrovert inspired, it’s the conversation that takes them by surprise. It’s the unknown, the learning, the journey.