Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge
Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge
Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge

Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge

Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge

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You use a beauty sponge for your makeup, why not one for your skincare? Let your skincare do more, with this whisper-soft yet exfoliating Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge. Dead skin cells that build up can lead to clogged pores and a layer that inhibits the benefits of serums and moisturizers. This sponge's delicate texture gently removes dead skin cells during your cleansing and exfoliating steps, so your glow is taken to the next level. The size of each sponge is 2-3" round and dry.

Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge – silk sea sponges are ultra-special in that they are only recovered from the ocean for use twice a year.

Dampen your sponge to soften the texture, then apply your cleanser and exfoliant directly to the sponge and massage gently into the skin. Rinse the sponge thoroughly between uses and allow to air-dry. Can also be used to remove excess cleanser or makeup remover.

The Benefits

Elevates the benefits of your skincare products

Is truly a special find from the sea

Removes dead skin cells for a smooth surface

Use Cases

Anyone who struggles with skin dullness

Boosting your favorite serums and moisturizers

Buffing in products and using them properly

All skin types