Dual Exfoliating Clay



A two-phase, skin-perfecting mask. First, cranberry fibers, hibiscus petals, and glycolic acid glide over the skin - like marbles over glass - to chemically exfoliate without causing harm. Phase two floods the skin with hydration, using kaolin clay to gently melt away impurities and cellular debris, leaving your skin smoother, and healthier than when you started. Kat's proprietary, nutrient dense KB5™ Complex, rich in antioxidants, is added to defend against environmental damage.

How to Use

The Benefits

  • Thorough, gentle exfoliation.
  • Floods your skin with botanical hyaluronic acid.
  • Purges toxins and cellular debris from pores.

Use Cases

1to 2x per week for normal skin, 2 x3 times for oilier and 1x for dry.