The Beauty of Aging

There is much scientific research gathered to try and explain the aging process. We know that the right amount of good-quality sleep is crucial to building new growth hormones, and that practicing mindfulness helps to decrease our stress levels, and boost immunity, bringing down harmful cortisol levels. There is also prevailing evidence that telomeres (the caps at the end of each strand of our DNA) relate to how we age, as they have the ability to change, repair and renew. Even our thoughts can alter how our cells respond. Feeling happy and positive, therefore, plays a role in how we look, as well as how we feel.

The food we eat, the amount of exercise we do, and of course the right skincare, all contribute to how we look as we age. It is important to use products with actual ingredients that can be easily absorbed, and which function to help our skin heal, which is the very ethos of the Kat Burki Skincare brand.

We gathered a group of women who sparkle and shine, and clearly prove that we can all love life at any age. Ranging from 17-75 years old, we celebrate them in this stunning selection of portraits.

‘’It is completely possible to have better skin now than you had in your youth. Giving skin the tools it needs to replenish, heal and rebuild is key “  - Kat Burki 

woman staring at a camera
woman with red hair
Windela looking over her shoulder
blonde woman smiling
woman in a white shirt
Jodie with a great big smile
woman in white shirt looking over her right shoulder
two women together in one photo
Thasfia up close
back to back women
Adalina is wearing a black shirt

Many thanks to -

Photographer – Lelanie Foster
Hair – Karl Peyton
Nails – Yukie Miyakawa
All clothing and jewelry, sustainable and hand crafted by St.Roche & KBH Jewels

Models - Christina Kruse, Thasfia, Larissa Marchiori, Windela Ethereal, Adelina, Marley Parker, Anna Porizkova, Tenzing Dekyong, and Jodie Patterson.

Casting by Audra Jones Dosumno for Audacious Media
Beauty and direction – Angie Parker