Celebrate National Kale Day: A Vitamin-Packed Superfood

Why do we love kale enough to celebrate it for a day? Well it’s not called a superfood for nothing. Packed with vitamins, this leafy green is the perfect addition to any soup, salad, smoothie, or side dish. But you don’t have to take our word at face value, let’s break it down for you.

Kale packs a powerful punch of both Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Vitamin A helps support your body’s immune system, including a role in the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. It also helps with cell growth, meaning it helps maintain the healthy surface of our skin. 

a picture of a woman's face and nose with freckles

The Vitamin B complex has a whole laundry list of benefits, which is why we developed oursignature KB5 complex. In kale specifically, B9, or folate, is most present. This vitamin also supports healthy skin function, repairing the skin barrier for a healthy complexion. 

The real star of kale though, is Vitamin K. It helps protect the collagen in the skin, that must-have protein we all know leads to a healthy, glowing complexion. Collagen makes skin appear smoother and plumper, fighting signs of dryness and aging.

There’s clearly a lot to love about kale. 

And here at Kat Burki, we believe good skin health starts on your plate. So add this leafy super green to your next meal and feel good about following your gut.

a bowl full of kale being eaten with a fork

However, with stress, hormones, environmental pollution, and other external factors, sometimes your diet just isn’t enough. Supplement the benefits of kale with skincare that boosts the effects.

Look to products like our best-sellingVitamin C Intensive Face Cream, which is full of antioxidants for healthy, moisturized skin. Or maybe double up your dose of collagen support with our Form Control Marine Collagen Gel

No matter what your skin needs to feel its best, even through the dryness of fall and winter, kale is a great place to start. And Kat Burki is a great place to continue. Happy snacking!

*Kale is part of the dirty dozen, consider buying organic when possible.