Better, Smoother, Softer Exfoliation: Meet the Supreme Weave Muslin Cloth

We’ve talked about the set of skin concerns that comes with summer, and one of them is the need for more dedicated exfoliation practices. Between the extra layers of sunscreen and sweat, your skin needs a little more TLC to keep things clean and smooth. That’s where our latest product comes in.

Meet the3D Supreme Weave Muslin Cloth

Regular wash clothes can be too abrasive on the skin, causing micro tears that damage the skin barrier and allow pollutants in. Plus, they can simply feel too rough, leaving skin raw and irritated instead of smooth and supple. To keep you feeling soft this summer, and take you into the cooler weather, discover the gentle yet effective results these cloths bring to any skincare routine. 

What’s the difference?

Texture is really what separates them from a standard terry washcloth. Firstly, the material itself is 100% cotton, making it super soft to the touch. Additionally, the textile is woven into a plush, 3D jacquard, creating a surface that more effectively picks up dirt and other impurities.

How do I use it?

Simpy use it like you would any face cloth or cotton round, using it alongside cleansers andmeltaway balms to remove makeup, sunscreen and oil. Gently scrub the skin in small circular motions, rinsing and repeating until every last bit is gone. 

What other products can I use with the muslin cloths?

Outside of simple cleansing, the muslin cloths can be used to further the effectiveness of a few of our products, working best for the removal of masks and other treatments once they have dried and been rinsed off. Try it with theRestorative Dual Acid Peel when you need a relaxing spa moment, or double down on sloughing away dead skin with ourDual Exfoliating Clay.

Dual exfoliating clay from Kat Burki Skincare

Exfoliation is key to glowing late summer skin. 

More fun in the sun means more product and oil buildup, meaning your skin needs exfoliation more than ever. Plus, it’s a good habit to keep all year, when dry skin flakes in winter or as our skin adjusts to changing seasons. The key is to focus on a gentle yet effective approach, achieved via better-for-you face cloths and chemical exfoliants. 

Look to our dream exfoliating duo, the 3D Supreme Weave Muslin Cloths and Dual Exfoliating Clay, as a great introduction to the habit. Free of harshness, they can be used together to wipe away any impurities with ease, leaving your skin ready for summer and beyond.

Learn more about building the perfect summer skin routine, and the magic (or rather- science) of our Exfoliating Clay,here.