Floral designs by FlowerFall for all your fall at home dinners outside and at home

Aug 05 2020 Cyrus Pakinat, The Flowerfall

We asked the very talented and award-winning floral designer (and Kat’s personal favorite) Cyrus Paktinat of The Flowerfall to share with us how he designs his floral arrangements for outside dining and entertaining.

For outdoor dining, I love to make my arrangements more festive, by including fruits, vegetables and an element of surprise. Adding a bunch of ripe grapes or a small branch of lemons or limes can be a real conversation starter. I tend to mix up the containers as well, small rustic pails are always a hit, or I use a variety of shaped glassware. I suggest smaller arrangements which allows two or three on a table. The showstopper can be a buffet table arrangement that plays off the colors of the smaller designs.  

River Bistro
Longshore dahlia

1. River bistro dining - Ranunculus , hellebores & thistles

2. Longshore dahlia and grape cocktail table

cocktail table arrangement
river bistro buffet

3. Cocktail table arrangement with fresh limes, hydrangea’s & roses

4. River bistro buffet - ranunculus, hellebores & thistles