Every Day Make A Good Choice

By: Nourish Editors 
May 02, 2021

As we celebrate Earth day, Nourish wanted to help our readers think of ways to make good choices for our planet.

Everyday we hear about climate change, clean energy, plant-based eating and sustainable practices, but if we’re being honest, it can get overwhelming. The truth is, our daily choices do have an impact on the world we live in, and the more conscious we grow, the better we can be and the better we can do.

Nicole Fasolino, stylist, creative director, and founder of Morning Sun, is a perfect example of someone who took charge to make a difference. Sustainability is the backbone of Fasolino’s entire brand and mindset, and she works excessively to spread that in a way we can all understand. It is more than just waking up in the morning and thinking we can do better. It’s about applying this sustainable and ethical way of life into everything that we do. That includes the things we buy, how we get rid of things, the food we eat, and what we teach those around us.

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Nourish has known and loved Nicole for quite some time, we have seen all her efforts in helping brands she works with, become sustainable. We have watched her raise her son in New York City, and then give birth to a beautiful daughter. They split their time between the North Forks and the city whilst looking after two kids, and working tirelessly to continue a message of awareness through their clothing and lifestyle.

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Last year, amidst the beginnings of Covid, Nicole packed their bags and they all moved out to Long Island for the Summer. She crafted this notion around developing a small farm for her and the kids to work on, therefore sustaining themselves with their own food and keeping busy.


Eventually, with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, Nicole started a dear little farm shop, where she invited local artisans and friends to sell their handmade goods, and thus, Morning Shop was born.


Nourish knew not of a better person to guide us towards making better choices, and to do so with the taste and beauty that only Nicole can provide.

Nourish: Can you introduce yourself to our readers and share more about what you do, and how you got started?

Nicole Fasolino: I am an NYC-based stylist and creative director, with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion. I grew up in New York, but always felt a strong connection to the Earth, specifically to the ocean, so most of my travels were by the sea. It was during these travels, about 8 years ago, that I started finding bits of plastic and fabric washed ashore, as I walked along beaches with my son.

After about a hundred deep dives/late night spirals into what this debris was doing to our Earth, food chain, and health; my focus on how to live a cleaner life came to be. It was only natural then, that my passion at work became intertwined with it all.

N: You help companies become more sustainable with their practices and ethics, what are some things that you always find yourself recommending?

NF: If a company (or individual) doesn't understand the purpose of truly going green, they'll never be fully successful in their mission. This is a long-term movement, and a change in the way we have to live on planet Earth. If a brand isn't in it for the long run and willing to see it through, there's no sense in even trying.

N: What are some simple steps that we can all take in our daily lives, to become more sustainable and help the planet?

NF: There are three super simple things I tell my friends and family:

  1. Start composting your food scraps. If you live in a city, throw leftover food in a plant-based "plastic" bag and freeze it until a composting day in your city. If you have a yard, get a composter, they're small and easy to use.
  2. Recycle, re-sell, and pass down all of your unwanted clothes and fabrics. No one should be throwing old stuff into the trash.
  3. Buy organic and natural clothes, home products, and beauty items. All of these are better for your health and the Earth.
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Nicole’s Favorite Sustainable Brands

Beauty: Cocokind, Linne Botanicals, C&G General, Primally Pure

Home: Keetsa for mattresses, Two Dawson for bedding, and Floyd for furniture.

Cleaning Products: Blueland, PUR Home, and Grove Collaborative for home essentials.

Clothing: JP Organic for silks and cashmere, Vitamin C for swim, Girlfriend Collective for workout wear, KBH for jewelry, and Sir The Label for intimates. I'm also a huge fan of rental programs like Rent The Runway and NUULY. Both are amazing for the working woman who doesn't want to wear the same thing twice.

To learn more about Nicole, her work, and her mission, follow her on Instagram for daily tips. You can also check out her sustainable farm, Morning Sun Shop, based in Southold, New York.


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