Destinations That Take Your Breath Away

Aug 05 2020 Nourish Editors


HERON COVE JAMAICA - Kat Burki - Kat Burki Skincare

A secluded cove surrounded by the Caribbean Sea with only heron and the occasional morning boat of a Langosta fishermen in the distance. Unobstructed views of the almost touchable sunset, lighten up the sea and the soul as it makes its methodical nightly descent reminding us all of its greatness. 


JEJU ISLAND SEOUL - Samantha Giordano kim - PR Executive

After spending several days in Seoul, Jeju Island was the perfect contrast. My mind, body, and soul felt so at peace and inspired to explore and connect with such a fascinating culture and landscape. There is so much rich history, so many natural wonders, and amazing food - the perfect formula fora most nourishing experience.  


THAILAND - Anna Erwin-Iles - Nourish Editor

Sunrise on Koh Lipe - the whisper of a new beginning, the hope of exciting things to come and a moment of pure solitude... 


ISTANBUL - Angie Parker - Nourish Beauty Director

I stopped by Istanbul after a job in Kathmandu, I honestly have never experienced such a beautiful culture and the call to prayer 3 times a day and the beauty of the mosques and the cleanliness was breathtaking!!