Claudia Mason Talks Inner Beauty

Interview by: Angie Parker
August 21, 2020

Karolina Kurkova

Claudia Mason is a model, actress, speaker and author who spends a lot of time advocating for wellness and positivity as well as stroke prevention. 

“I was raised in a spiritual household. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and the Bhagavad Gita, were all normal sources of discussion at the dinner table,” says Mason. “For me, it’s always been clear that the only way to thrive in life, no matter what your vocation, is to gird yourself from the inside - “it’s an inside job” as I’m often quoted as saying.”

Claudia is also a spokesperson for the American Stroke Association having survived a minor stroke as a result of a freak accident. From lecturing and giving interviews to social media, she uses her platform to educate people on stroke prevention.

Nourish Beauty Director Angie Parker chats with Claudia Mason on health recovery, positivity, beauty from the inside out and her favorite Kat Burki Skincare products. 

What can you share with us at Nourish and in the Kat Burki community, about the importance of nourishing yourself from the inside, in order to help create the exterior beauty. Can you expand upon this idea for us in any way that feels relevant to you?

Like a car, you only run as smoothly as you possibly can, depending upon what kind of gas you are using to fill your precious tank. While I love topical beauty products like Kat Burki’s line, if I’m not also eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, wearing SPF, and practising good thoughts towards myself and others through a daily spiritual technique, then my precious skin isn’t going to look as plump and healthy as it could be.

When I think negative thoughts, I start to frown, which creates more wrinkles. If you think about what I’m saying, and observe yourself the next time you are letting your stinking thinking get a hold of you - be aware of how your face muscles contort and your body starts to droop, which adds to premature aging.

As I make my way through the entire Kat Burki skincare line, so far my faves are definitely the Lift & Fill FORM CONTROL™ Marine Collagen Gel and the Rose Hip Intense Recovery Eye Serum

Claudia - Vogue Magazine
Claudia Modeling

Please tell us how you navigated through your incredible career as a model, with such grace and inner confidence, where did it derive from?

In terms of a person who possesses and exhibits grace, I think it’s something you’re born with. Beyond that, it’s a choice. Every person can ask themselves on a daily basis, if they care to go through their days, their lives, with as much grace as possible. How they then put that into practice, is based upon their moral compass, their attention, awareness and actions. It’s innate.

Inner confidence is something that a person develops from life’s trials, tribulations and triumphs. Life tests us all, and how well you get back up again, after the difficult times, is how you build inner confidence and resilience.

While working with such incredible A-list designers, hair and make-up artists and clients, at what point in your career did it strike you that beauty is about what’s on the inside, as well as the outside?

No amount of money, cosmetic surgery, or fame will ever do the trick, if you aren’t aware of fine-tuning your inner world every day until you die. A spiritual path is the human path, the one that makes us look at each obstacle as an opportunity to grow and be the best of ourselves, and of service to others. This is something that the most self-actualized humans have always done and continue to do. No matter if one is a world-renowned pop star or a beautician, it is an inside job. Your joy, sense of fulfillment, peace and energy - all work at their optimum when your inner instrument is engaged to its fullest. 

Can you try and explain in words, the work it took to feel good again after you suffered from a stroke, and how it has changed the way you now navigate your life?

Anyone who suffers a health crisis knows that it takes a Herculean effort to feel like one can go on with their lives, as carefree as they did before the crisis. This knowledge is no bad thing. It allows one to experience an expanded ability to be awestruck at how much gratitude one can have every moment, for the sheer fact that your eyes work, that you have five working fingers on each hand, that you can walk, talk etc… These are huge things not to be taken for granted.

My inner life and my spiritual tools were heavily called upon during my convalescence, which fortunately had me back to work right away, which was a blessing. Being busy is a great way to keep self-pity at bay.

I’m a spokesperson for the American Stroke Association, and I incorporate my knowledge of stroke prevention and warning signs into so much of what I do, be it a lecture, an interview, or a post. I like to discuss the reality that stress plays an instrumental role in injuries, diseases and the like, and how we can shift our perception to that of abundance, peace, joy, health and watch as most difficulties in our life slowly melt away. It takes great discipline and perseverance to live a life aligned with one’s inner-guide. Fortunately, everyone is equipped for this kind of life, but each individual must choose it. 

After writing your first book ‘Finding The Supermodel In You‘; do you have any inspiration for a second?

Not at the moment. Writing a book is work enough, but trusting that your Publisher’s editing department knows what they’re doing, is quite another! There is another book in me I’m sure. My favorite topic of the inner-life and all its magnificent powers to transform one’s life, is definitely something of value, especially considering what we are all going through globally, due to the pandemic. Those of us who can coach people on inner strength, resilience, emotional intelligence and how to thrive etc… Are very much needed now. 

Your round table discussion with Dr Jill Bolte Taylor and other stroke thrivers, and especially the interview with Byron Katie, was very inspirational. Byron’s work ‘Is it true? Can I really know it to be true? What happens when I believe that thought? What would I be without this thought?’ is such a simple and yet powerful system of self-healing and self-loving. Have you practised this for a while?

Also, in your question to Byron, you made such a good point. I want to now ask you the same one:
‘ How do you keep progressing everyday with what you have learnt, and not go backwards?’

I met Byron Katie over 20 years ago, through my uncle and a mutual friend. We instantly liked one other and I was able to see the great value of her work, although I didn’t implement it in my life at the time. I read one of her books sometime after that meeting, and last year I called her up and asked her if she’d be my guest on my interview series that I do for Thrive Global and my YouTube channel. She said yes, and we were off! Lucky me. I think the way to keep what one has learned going, as you move forward through life, is to have a daily practice of 1 - 1,000 spiritual practices. Load up your tool kit and put it to good use. Mine is full, and Byron’s technique is in there.

What is your favorite go-to beauty and wellness fix, that you cannot imagine living without?

Sleep and meditation, and remembering to smile and hum a happy tune! 

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Claudia's Favorite Kat Burki Skincare Products
FORM CONTROL™ Marine Collagen Gel
FORM CONTROL™ Marine Collagen Gel
FORM CONTROL™ Marine Collagen Gel
FORM CONTROL™ Marine Collagen Gel

FORM CONTROL™ Marine Collagen Gel

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Rose Hip Intense Recovery Eye Serum
Rose Hip Intense Recovery Eye Serum
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