Danielle Z And Homeopathy

Aug 05 2020 Nourish Editors

Growing up in West Virginia, Danielle was surrounded by nature and she was often planting with her parents in their organic garden. With her mother being a nurse, she had firsthand insight into emergency room stories and learned vicariously not only about our bodies but also how our bodies respond to illness.

Danielle Z

Danielle started modeling in Paris at the age of 17 and travelled the world extensively for many years. She eventually decided to plant roots in New York and call it home. About 25 years ago, she was introduced to Homeopathy when her dog Luna developed a tumor after a vaccination. She visited a homeopathic veterinarian and was amazed with not only the medicine they prescribed but the results - the tumor completely dissolved.

Wanting to explore this alternative medicine after seeing what it can do firsthand, Danielle’s veterinarian referred her to a homeopath who
quickly became her mentor and invited her to join study groups. During these study groups it became very clear that Danielle had a knack and calling for homeopathy. This encouraged her to enroll and complete a 4- year program at The Centre For Homeopathic Education, through Middlesex University.

Homeopathy boosts your overall vitality, including your immune system. Danielle has been treating her patients with preventive medicines for COVID-19. She shared some of her favorite go-to remedies-
Arnica 30c for bruising, swelling and aches and pains .
Bioplasma - 12 cell salts for colds, nervous tension, fatigue & headaches.